This year’s Field Day was a little smaller, due to Social Distancing related to Covid-19. But the operation was still very effective.

Field Day was back at “Home” (the LARA clubhouse) as we’re one of only a few clubs remaining in North America with our own property, clubhouse and repeater site.

But this year, Field Day took on a new approach as it allowed club members to operate remotely.

LARA member, William B. Morgan, AC2BI, is away from Florida enjoying time with his family in PA.  He took some time to share  Field Day 2020 in the back yard with his son Steven, KD2PHN, and granddaughter Maria (KC3OQZ). They used a Kenwood TS590-SG, a Wolf River vertical antenna and the pool for family radio time.

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Field Day is more than just contesting or operating for over 24 hours continuously.  Field Day is also an opportunity to share the radio hobby with friends and family and inspire future generations of radio operators.